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Striper Bass Bubble Bait

 This bass is a whimiscal design inspired by the multi hued pattern seen on fresh fish scales. I love the curves and organic feel of waves and bubbles. The fish feels like it is in action moving toward the lure. This design will soon be purchaseable on t-shirts.

Earth Air Wind & Fire Mother of the Earth
Yellow Snapper Cave School

 This is remiscent of a scuba dive I took  in a Mexican cave in 2011 where all these Sardines were coming straight at me. These particular fish are Yellow Snapper, but the angle and feel is the same as my diving experience. I love the foreshortening effect and feel of all that yellow color overlaying the blue background.

Artwork created 2014 and inspired by my palet knife. I made a smaller version of this painting. The first thing I was doing was just making mountains with a palet knife. then added a belly dancer and decided to add all four elements to the picture using the woman. Acrylic paint


Children of Contrasted World

This picture is the first completed in a 3 part framed group of my children

and horses on their property. Started in 2013 and still not completed :)

acrylic paint

Watercolor African Landscape in the Rain 2012
Denny Dobbins or Grrr Daddy with Skyann Barnes Picking Strawberries  2013 acrylic paint
Skyann Barnes Portrait 2013 acrylic paint

This is one of my first attempts at human figures in acrylic paint. I have worked with oils but not the thin washes neccessary in acrylics to get skin tones correct. Notice the artistic liberties taken in changing the background to a more idealic landscape. 


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