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Veterans Art and Farm Therapy Program. 501(c)3

 Veterans with mental health or physical disabilities (but are still mobile) can come to Stargazer Stables and participate in 4 great therapy programs with their families or by themselves.  See more at www.artandfarm.org  or contact Sonya Barnes 




                  Birthday Cakes by Ginny Cooper. She makes all of my children's birthday cakes.    

                  Reasonably priced and will deliver the cakes to Stargazer Stables for birthday parties. For                   Skyann's 6th birthday, I decided to go with horse shape cupcakes .

                     Contact Ginny at 487-8760 (hm) or 718-3424 (cell)

http://www.equinenow.com       Equine Now offers listing of local stables and horses for sale
http://www.ohorse.com    Equine Local Events directory

Click here to see artwork by one of my Western Branch High School students in the newspaper

Click here to see Stargazer Stables featured in Va Pilot's Linda Lamm WB Corner

Click here to for certified riding helmet located at Sterling Meadows.  These are not needed for camp at Stargazer Stables. We provide the helmets. 
Vacation Bible School Listing for Chesapeake and some other cities.  I love this listing
and thought everyone else might enjoy it also! 
 How to get uncle Sam to pay for summer camp with childcare tax credit 
Doan Archery   (A great place for lessons, a family experience & my neighbor)
2228 West Road  Chesapeake, VA 23323  757 676-8373
PS. He's a wonderful chiropracter:  Doan's Wellness Center on Cedar Road.
Several of my horse students have taken archery lessons at his farm and also used him  as their chiropracter.  Personally,  Dr. Doan saved my back after a severe             car accident in 2008.  I went directly to him and then Debbie Smith (the best             masseuse) located at the chiropracter and was able to walk down the                         Grand Canyon a week later.      
                                                      Thank you Dr. Doan & Debbie Smith






 Theraputic riding with Demi and Jim at @  2nd Chance Ranch   237 Hickory Road E.        Chesapeake, Va.  23322. It is a new establishment recieving all the neccessary    certification in dealing with horses  and individuals with special needs.  They are always  looking for volunteers.          
PONY  "Skittles" FOR SALE            $400.00 sold
watch the videos taken Jan 12 2014 with Mira a 7 year old on her back. 
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